Offering work

Would you like to offer a job to your colleagues in the fields of architecture,urban planning orconstruction who have been affected by the war in Ukraine? We keep receiving requests from Ukrainian professionals and students who have found refuge in the Czech Republic or are willing to work remotely from Ukraine. You can fill out a questionnaire and your company or institution can become a place for professional growth and a source of financial security for Ukrainians.

Fill in the form

  1. Your personal data and wishes will be carefully processed and will remain confidential as part of the initiative.
  2. According to your company's profile and recruitment criteria, a professional will be selected to best meet your requirements.
  3. You will receive a report with basic information about the applicant who has been provided with your contact details and the job offer.
  4. The applicant will contact you directly to begin the job placement process. 

You can offer several forms of cooperation:

We hope to help you find a valuable employee for your company and thank you for your offer to help Ukrainians.

Iniciativa vznikla ve spolupráci plánovací kanceláře ONplan a České komory architektů.


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