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Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and unleashed a full-scale military conflict. The war affects the majority of the country's population, and a large part of them flee as a result of the Russian invasion and seek temporary refuge. These people are mainly women with children, elderly or university students, among which you may as well find architects, urban planners or civil engineers. 

After taking refuge in Europe, many Ukrainians are eager to work, help relatives and their country, gain valuable experience and live in dignity in a new society. In the Czech Republic, people welcome Ukrainian professionals, help them with housing and orientation, and understand the situation in which the refugees found themselves as a result of the terrible war. 

We invite you to join the initiative and help us bring together Ukrainian professionals and Czech employers in fruitful cooperation in the fields of architecture, construction and urban planning!

So far we received 236 job applications and 69 open positions!

If you are looking for or would like to offer work for engineers or technicians active in construction, use the job exchange of the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians.

Iniciativa vznikla ve spolupráci plánovací kanceláře ONplan a České komory architektů.


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